How to be Fashionable on a Ski Trip

If you are planning a ski trip for the first time, you will need to do some shopping. Although the ski gear and equipment are available for rental in Japan (if you are heading there), it would still be great to be able to wear your own gear and inject some of your personal style element right?

And no, you can’t wear your usual non-waterproof winter coats, jeans and woollen gloves out to ski. Every apparel that’s exposed needs to be waterproof!

Glam Mama Kate Moss on the slopes!
Glam Mama Kate Moss on the slopes! [Credit]
Alessandra Ambrosio the snowboarder
Alessandra Ambrosio the snowboarder. [Credit]
Jade Seah in Niseko! [Credit]
The collage below shows a mix of essential snow gear as well as après ski “nice to have”.


  • For ski or snowboarding, you need to wear a base layer (top and bottom), fleece jacket and waterproof jacket, or the 2-layer insulated jacket. For the bottom, you should get a pair of waterproof pants with inner fleece or insulated layer to keep you warm.
  • You could purchase your waterproof jacket and pants from the likes of Columbia or The North Face, which deploy their patented thermal and insulation technology on the jackets that are suited for snow sports.
  • Invest in decent base layer that has insulation technology, especially when you up on the slopes. I got my top from The North Face and leggings from Uniqlo Heat Tech Extra Warm.
  • Uniqlo Heat Tech Extra Warm top is great for après ski, I would choose that over the normal Heat Tech series.
  • Ski goggles and helmet – Goggles are a must-have while helmet aren’t compulsory if you do not attempt to do crazy slopes. But for safety reason, I would suggest to get it (or rent it). You could purchase these items from Amazon.
  • Snow boots – It is hard to walk in sneakers because the soles do not have traction on the slippery snowy ground. I bought my snow boots from Sorel.
  • Gloves – Wool gloves are out because they are not waterproof. Your fingers will freeze when out on the slopes. Get a pair of insulated, waterproof ones from Amazon.
  • Balaclava – I don’t really use a balaclava, but I get a face mask instead. These masks are useful in keeping your face warm when it’s too windy. I bought those cheap ones on Taobao.

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