#Quick5: A Weekend in Tromsø

This post is the first of the #Quick5 series, where friends and readers share their travel experiences by responding to 5 simple questions.

In this post, Ambrose – who is currently based in London – traveled to Tromsø for a weekend and caught the Northern Lights. Yours truly is envious beyond words.

A Weekend in Tromsø
Northern Lights in Norway

1) Where did you visit? For how long?

Tromso, Norway for 4 days during the end of February this year.

2) What did you do during the trip? 

As we arrived at Tromsø in the afternoon, we spent an evening on a fjord cruise and fishing trip at Rystrommen. For the following days, we experienced dog-sledding and rode the snowmobile at the Lyngen Alps. Of course, we went on a hunt for the Northern Lights at night!

A Weekend in Tromsø
Fjord cruise
A Weekend in Tromsø
A Weekend in Tromsø
Snowmobiling is so fly!

3) Which was the most memorable experience during this trip?

Definitely the Northern Lights!

A Weekend in Tromsø
The amazing Northern Lights

4) Any tips/ or advice for travelers to Tromsø? 

To chase the Northern Lights, I would suggest joining a tour operator like Chasing Lights as the guides are very experienced. Thermal wear, snow boots, heat packs for your feet as well as tripods will be provided by them and the guides gave great advice on taking photos of the Lights!

Given the short time we had at Tromsø, we booked our trips and activities beforehand.

A Weekend in Tromsø
Note to self: Need to try the snowmobile on my next ski trip.
A Weekend in Tromsø
Chasing the Lights!

5) Any recommended eateries? 

To be honest, nothing stood out for Tromsø and I wouldn’t consider it a culinary destination.

A Weekend in Tromsø
Walking around town

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