Three Easy Solo Trip Ideas

Three Easy Solo Trip Ideas
Three Easy Solo Trip Ideas

Feel like getting out of the city within short notice but no one’s available to join you?

Here are three options you can look into if you would like to embark on a vacation without having to spend too much time on planning and logistics:

#1: Go for a Ski or Snowboard Trip to New Zealand

The Ride Side is heading to New Zealand from July to September this year! First, you don’t have to wait till year-end to get your snow fix. Second, you can join a group of ski and snowboard hobbyists to check out the ski resorts in the South Island, as well as explore Queenstown. Third, all you have to do is book your ticket and your package, you don’t have to fret about logistics.

 #2: Join an All-Girl Surf Trip

I stumbled upon Bali Surfer Girls and thought the concept is really cool! They host a number of surf and stay trips. If you are looking for a combination of active and meditative exercises, they have several retreats incorporating surf classes, yoga, meditation and tours.

#3: Travel to Bhutan

I haven’t visited Bhutan but it is definitely in my bucket list! Because of the local regulations whereby tourists have to be accompanied by licensed guides, a viable option to visit Bhutan is to go through a licensed operator, such as DrukAsia. You could select your preferred tour options with DrukAsia, or other tour agencies.

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