5 Reasons to Visit Vienna

Awarded the “Best City To Live In” by Mercer for 9 consecutive years, Vienna is an elegant city that has so much history, culture and attractions to experience.

Maria-Theresien-Platz, in between two museums: Museum of Fine Arts and Museum of Natural History in Vienna

#1: Immerse in the home of classical music

Statue of Mozart at Stadtpark

This is after all the world’s music capital where the works of Beethoven, Mozart, Strauss and other classical composers flourished!

Vienna is also home to the world renowned Vienna Boys Choir and Vienna Philharmonic. You could also visit Mozarthaus in Vienna, a museum focussing on the composer’s life in Vienna during his 10-year stay there.

There is also always a reason to visit Wiener Staatsoper (Vienna State Opera), which is arguably one of the world’s leading opera houses.

A Mozart concert at Wiener Staatoper

#2: Admire the Baroque architecture and history

Vienna Pestsäule at Graben

The well-maintained Baroque architecture in the city is literally #instagram haven for all social media enthusiasts! It is almost difficult to find a corner at the street that is not photogenic. For example, we were taking a walk at Graben, the famous shopping street in the city and we came across a magnificent column which was actually the Vienna Pestsäule (Plague Column)- a memorial for the Plague victims in the 17th century.

Vienna city scape

#3: Naschmarkt

I will always have fond memories of our daily brunch at Naschmarkt. The food market was such a pleasant place with stores and stores of fresh produce, delectable snacks and many different casual brunch cafes to enjoy and relax.

Fresh produce at Naschmarkt

Also, keep a lookout of the traffic light signals at Naschmarkt! There were different from the others we encountered in Vienna.

Traffic light at Naschmarkt

#4: Museum-hop in the city

Inside the Austrian National Library

With the history of Vienna tracing back since the Roman Empire, and its growth in the 11th century, many historical and cultural artefacts are well preserved in the city, giving rise to an assortment of museums and galleries in Vienna. Most of the prominent museums are housed in the Museumsquartier at the 7th district.

I would also highly recommend a visit to the Schönbrunn Palace, which gives you a glimpse of the history of the Austrian monarchy.
View of the Schönbrunn from Gloriette
The grand interior of Museum of Natural History

#5: Cafe culture

Cakes and Wiener melange (Viennese coffee) are two prominent fixtures in most traditional cafes in Vienna. I was in love with the traditional marble table tops, lush maroon curtains, elegant wood furnishing and grand chandeliers in the cafes. Apparently, the “Viennese Coffee House Culture” was listed as “Intangible Cultural Heritage” in the Austrian inventory of the “National Agency for the Intangible Cultural Heritage”, which is a part of UNESCO in 2011.
It is common for people to spend a long time in the cafes and some of these old cafes saw famous patrons who had made their mark in history. For instance, Cafe Landtmann was Sigmund Freund’s favourite and Cafe Central was sometimes the primary address of famous poet Peter Altenberg.

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