How To Look Stylish in your Holiday Pictures Without Breaking the Bank

Do you have this issue with wearing the same outfits for your different holidays? It is definitely neither economical nor environmental-friendly to purchase new clothes specially for a trip. However, all of us yearn to look good and stylish for our holiday photos.

In Cameo Fundament Top at Krabi

I road-tested Style Theory recently and found it a good solution to new holiday outfits for varied travel pictures. Essentially a clothes rental service, you also do not need to deal with laundry chores post vacation as Style Theory will send the clothes for dry-cleaning once you have returned it!

Just a disclaimer before I delve deeper into my experience, this is NOT a sponsored post. I paid for my subscription to Style Theory many times and all opinion indicated in this post are my unbiased views.

Decked in Talulah Gentle Innocence Mini Dress for concert night at the Opera House!
A printed wrap dress from Outline that livened up my travel photos and was easy to move around!
  • The base subscription is S$129 per month for 3 pieces of garment at one time. You get to choose the pieces you want on the app, depending on availability of that design in your size. You can either request for the package to be delivered to your home or you could pick up from Popstation. To return, you could get Style Theory to come to your place to pick up the parcel, or you could return at Popstation.
  • I have been receiving and returning my Style Theory packages via Popstation and I think it worked very well for me!
  • Once you have made your garment choices for your box, you should be able to receive them in 2 days’ time. Similarly, returns take about 2 working days to process.
  • The clothes reached me in excellent, mint condition. I have no qualms about wearing them despite knowing that these are not new pieces.
  • If you are going on a long trip, you could check with Style Theory on upsizing your account whereby you could rent more outfits at one go at a higher price.
  • Style Theory is a recurring clothing rental programme. If you would like to use them for your holidays only, do remember to cancel your subscription after your trip or they will continue to deduct monthly subscription from your credit card.

I really like that I have access to a variety of styles without having to keep them in my almost full wardrobe. After all, most of my casual clothes do not get that much mileage as well. Additionally, the idea that I would not have to wash these clothes was very appealing to me. I really dread those post-vacay household chores and I certainly welcome a service that could alleviate my laundry load.

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