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Venice Santa Lucia Station
Venice Santa Lucia Station

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The T List is a Singapore-based travel blog that compiles destination information, experiences and tips. This site is maintained by a runaway blogger who decided to abandon her 7-year old beauty and fashion blog in a whim. Nonetheless, old habits die hard, so please be prepared for some occasional snippets on fashion and beauty over here.

About me

A jet-setting executive. A runaway blogger. A travel enthusiast. I am Pei – the founder of The T List, a Singapore-based travel blog that aims to be a collective of stories and experiences for like-minded travelers. I have practised yoga at Sri Lanka, meditated in a cave at Nepal, rode a camel in the Sahara Desert (and it rained!) and frolicked with wild animals in South Africa. I also happen to love my food.. very much.

Let’s share experiences, stories and itineraries.

If you have an interesting trip experience to share, please contact me through the form below. We would love to hear all about your enviable journeys and feature you on The T List.

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Let’s fit to a T.

In my previous life behind MsGlitzy.com, I had the opportunity to work with several fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands on their campaigns and advertorials. The T List is open towards collaborations with businesses, to present interesting wanderlust ideas and know-how to readers. Please hit us a love note if you would like to work together.