Explore Singapore #2: Cable Ski at Singapore Wake Park

If you have been itching to try wakeboarding but don’t wanna appear like a noob in front of your friends, here’s a place in Singapore where you could start learning how to cable ski/wake board on your own.

Located at East Coast Park, Singapore Wake Park is the only cable-ski park here, where you can wakeboard, kneeboard and cable-ski with an overhead running cable system. The systems available are suited for beginners and experienced wakeboarders alike.

Singapore Wake Park
Singapore Wake Park

Just a background on my aptitude before I went on a trial run at SWP – I have failed terribly at my snowboarding class 2 years ago and merely managed to stand on the water for a short while at my first wakeboarding trip. Nonetheless, I didn’t wanted to give up. Perhaps the System 2.0 at SWP, catered for newbies would help me find my mojo in this sport.

Singapore Wake Park
System 2.0 – suitable for beginners and novice riders.

This System 2.0 system is a station for beginners and novice riders to try out the different speeds and gain competence before they graduate to the full-size cable system.

Singapore Wake Park
Station for beginner riders.

The distance was a short stretch of about 70m. I went a few rounds on a lighter board. It sounded easy enough and I had enough practice in my previous wakeboarding trip.

But boy, I remained a very bad novice and wasn’t able to fully graduate to the full system despite several rides. This was despite some really good advice from the coaches there.

Singapore Wake Park
Let’s have a look at what a pro can do at the full cable system…

I guess I should not give up and ought to keep trying… and now I have the option to visit Singapore Wake Park to continue my practice. It costs S$40 for an hour and S$120-140 for a full day (details here) to practice and cable-ski equipment, vest as well as helmet are provided. All you need to pack is your shower bag and a padlock for the locker!

I think the SWP is a good place for a day out to ride and people-watch, and it’s something you could do alone if you can’t gather enough friends to share a boat for wakeboarding. There is a decent cafe serving a good variety of food and drinks if you need to take a breather from the rides.

Singapore Wake Park
A parting picture with the “ezboard” I was using.

Perhaps this outing wouldn’t be my swan song in wakeboarding!

1206A East Coast Park
Singapore 449891
Tel: +65 6636 4266

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