The Simple Beach Life at Ko Lipe

If you have not heard of Ko Lipe, I believe you would want to visit after viewing the photos in this post.


According to WikipediaKo Lipe is a small island in the Adang-Rawi Archipelago of the Andaman Sea, in the Satun Province of southwest Thailand, close to Malaysian border. It is a small island that is accessible to other islands in Thailand such as Ko Adang or Ko Tarutao. Ko Lipe is also a paradise for scuba divers.

The Simple Beach Life at Ko Lipe
The beach at Ko Lipe


The tiny island boasts very clear waters and pristine beaches. The quickest way to get to the island from Singapore is via Langkawi. There are speedboats operating to and fro the island and Langkawi during the peak season from November to May. On other months, one would have to enter into Ko Lipe via Hat Yai. I traveled from Singapore via Langkawi and the whole trip took almost half a day. As I stepped out of the speedboat into the seawater to walk towards the shore, it felt a little bit of a “Robinson Crusoe” moment!

The Simple Beach Life at Ko Lipe
Fishing boats by the sea


I stayed at Lipe Beach Resort, which boasted a beautiful view of the Andaman Sea. The beach bar has a few wooden sundecks which I could laze at for the whole afternoon, enjoying the soothing rhythm of the sea. The sea-view bungalows were quite rustic with no air-conditioning. For those who prefer hot shower and air-con, do arrange for the Family Room which is located further from the sea.

The Simple Beach Life at Ko Lipe
This could be my life everyday!

Other accommodation recommendations on the island include Castaway Resorts, which has better bungalows and delicious breakfast, but less of a view compared to Lipe Beach Resort, and the Ten Moons Lipe Resort.

The Simple Beach Life at Ko Lipe
The beach bar on the island where you could lie down on the mat and admire the stars at night.


The island is tiny and almost everywhere is within walking distance. You could just relax by the beach with a book, or practice yoga by the sea. Kayaking, snorkeling and diving are available, or you could rent a boat to check out the neighbouring islands. Right in the heart of the island is a “Walking Street” where you could enjoy Thai street food, massage and shopping. Such is the simple and rustic beach life!

The Simple Beach Life at Ko Lipe
The Walking Street

We rented a boat to a nearby island named Ko Adang. This island was much less crowded and we did a hike to enjoy the panoramic view of the islands.

The Simple Beach Life at Ko Lipe
Did I mention very clear waters?
The Simple Beach Life at Ko Lipe
Amazing view from the hike
The Simple Beach Life at Ko Lipe
We were awed by the beautiful sunset and had an impromptu beach yoga session.


A trip to Ko Lipe would be a rustic beach getaway for those who want something different from the usual tourist spots such as Phuket or Bali. The island exuded simplistic charms and is a good place to just switch off and rejuvenate. I realised that life isn’t that tough when you are faced with a breathtaking sea view every single day.

The Simple Beach Life at Ko Lipe
Chasing sunset at Ko Lipe

The Simple Beach Life of Ko Lipe

As I basked under the glorious hues of pink, orange and gold with my new and old friends, I realised what a blessing it was to be able to admire such spectacular sunset. It’s all about being at the right place at the right time. Perhaps, it’s time for you to plan your sojourn there too!

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