5 Travel Resolutions for 2017

With 2016 coming to an end and the new year round the corner, it’s Resolution Time! Have you started planning your travels for 2017?

5 Travel Resolutions for 2017
5 Travel Resolutions for 2017

Here are my 5 Travel Resolutions for next year:

#1: Try something new

When I first started traveling, I was used to following the planned itinerary, moving from one city to another. That was my modus operandi when on vacation for a long time.

Volunteering in Thailand
Volunteering in Thailand

Then, I started planning my trips around an activity – such as yoga, ski or volunteering and it was refreshing change! I love that I could have time to focus on a hobby or an adventure and I learned to go with the flow.

In 2017, perhaps I could try a different activity. Hiking trip, anyone? 

#2: Visit a new country or step foot in a new continent

To maximise my travel experience, I try to visit a destination radically different from the places I have been to recently. Seen too many European cities? Perhaps, get closer to nature with destinations in Central Asia or Africa. Try to visit a new continent to step out of the travel comfort zone!

Kyrgyzstan Travel Guide
Maybe Kyrgyzstan could be my next destination!

#3: Read about the new destination before the trip

I remember the sense of regret I had after I finished reading Nelson Mandela’s biography. I wished I had bought the book before my trip to South Africa, where there were many historical sights and monument attributed to Apartheid movement and the man himself. Had I knew more about the country’s history and political background, I would have been able to appreciate my visits to the attractions a lot better.

5 Travel Resolutions for 2017
My trip to Robben Island might have been more fruitful had I read Nelson Mandela’s “Long Walk to Freedom” prior.

Going forward, I hope to set aside time to read up on my destination before my trip so that I could immerse in the country and understand more about the environment when I am there.

#4: Travel alone

For female travelers, it sometimes require some push and courage to make the decision to go solo. I appreciate the opportunity to get to know myself better and step out of my comfort zone. So, come 2017, I hope there would be time and opportunities to go solo again in a new city.

5 Thoughts about Traveling Solo
Hiking in Nepal.

#5: Unplug while on the road

This is something that I have not been able to accomplish. I always feel the compulsion to stay connected to data, wifi, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook etc etc while traveling.

However, the focus on getting connected had cost me fleeting exchanges and experiences in the foreign land. Perhaps, if I didn’t stay glued to the phone, I could have made a new friend or learnt something new.

I hope I will learn to let go of the need to be connected while traveling next year.

Do you have any travel resolutions or plans for 2017?  Carpe diem and have a great adventure!

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