5 Travel Feng Shui Tips

Do you have some rules and principles that you stick to when preparing for your trip?

Sometimes, trip preparation can be stressful and while on the road you may wish for better travel luck or a smoother journey. In this post, I am sharing 5 Travel Fengshui tips kindly offered by Way Fengshui Group.

5 Travel Fengshui Tips
Namobuddha Monastery in Kathmandu

#1: Pick an auspicious month based on your Chinese zodiac whenever possible to ensure you get the most out of your trip

Please see list below for the auspicious months to travel in 2017 for different Chinese zodiac:

  • Rat: April, May, July, September, October
  • Ox: May, June, September
  • Tiger: May, June, July, September, November
  • Rabbit: May, June, July, September, November
  • Dragon: March, May, June, September, November, December
  • Snake: August, September
  • Horse: March, April, May, September, November
  • Goat: March, November, December
  • Monkey: November, December
  • Rooster: April, May, June, July, November
  • Dog: March, June, September, November, December
  • Pig: March, September

#2: Bring precious stones on your trip can help calm emotions and reduce stress

  • Hematite: Helping with grounding one’s energies, Hematite also aids in balancing the polarities of one’s energy field to reduce fatigue and emotional turmoil.
  • Kunzite: Besides opening the heart to energies of love, Kunzite is also a powerful healer of the emotional body, helping one to release fear and lower stress levels.
  • Lepidolite: A gemstone associated with emotional healing and balance, Lepidolite aids in calming frayed nerves, helping one to release stress and worry. It offers support to those who are experiencing extreme worry.
  • Lithium Quartz: Facilitating a state of energetic activation and emotional openness, Lithium Quartz is an ideal meditation stone that helps induce an easy state of relaxation. It can also aid in alleviating stress and encourage peaceful sleep.

#3: Stay in a hotel room with windows

Fill the room with as much sunlight as possible. In fengshui, it is believed that darkness represents excessive yin. Staying in a hotel room without windows may cause uneasiness.

5 Travel Fengshui Tips
Hotel bathroom at W Singapore which has plenty of daylight!

#4: Avoid bringing unclaimed items back

In fengshui, everything has its own energy. Unclaimed items are likely to contain negative energies, so bringing these objects back to your accommodation to introduce negative energies.

#5: Follow these tips if you are going on a road trip

  • Keep car clean and clutter-free: A clutter-free vehicle allows for smooth flow of qi and clear mind, keeping you in optimal condition to drive safely.
  • Place cushions in backseat of car: In Chinese metaphysics, it is believed that a balance of yin and yang is indicative of good fengshui. Driving produces sound and movement, which are yang characteristics. To balance this, place soft cushions in the backseat of your car as a symbol of yin energies and for the comfort of your passengers.
  • Place photos of loved ones in car: Photos of family and close friends can promote positive emotions for a harmonious and safe ride.
  • When possible, drive only during daylight hours: In fengshui, it is believed that darkness represents excessive yin energy, which causes uneasiness. Besides, driving in the day allows you to see further for a safer drive.
  • Incorporate your auspicious colour(s) based on your bazi: Ideally, the colour of your car should be your auspicious colour, based on your bazi. If it is not practical, then select accessories or ornaments of that colour. If you do not know your personal auspicious colour(s), then use the auspicious elemental colours based on the season you were born in. Utilise Fire element colours such as red and orange if you are born in winter (November, December and January). If you are born in spring (February, March and April), use Metal element colours such as white and gold. Water element colours such as blue and black are beneficial for those born in summer (May, June and July). Finally, green, representative of the Wood Element, is an auspicious colour for individuals born in autumn (August, September and October).
The trusty white Honda Ballade at Bontebok National Park
Driving in South Africa

Hope you find these tips helpful! Safe and smooth travels!

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