Top Ideas for Experiencing Vietnam in Style

This post is a contribution from Tyra Sullivan, edited by The T List.

A beautiful, exotic and exciting destination, it’s no wonder that Vietnam remains at the top of many people’s bucket lists as a number one holiday spot. From its incredible natural beauty to amazing historical architecture and delicious street food, this country has a little bit of everything to appeal to everyone for a different travel experience. If you’re planning to explore the wonders of Vietnam, our tips for seeing the country in style might be helpful.

Hoi An. Photo from Unsplash

Plan your adventure before you travel

Consider the areas in Vietnam that you intend to visit and make a plan to factor the traveling time. There’s so much to cover – from the bustling Ho Chi Minh City to the UNESCO listed Hoi An, or the relaxing Da Nang and mountainous Sapa. However, the commuting and connecting flights may take a lot of time off your precious holiday. Think about the focus areas and activities that you intend to do there. This would avoid frustrations and minimise unexpected disruptions while on the road – after all, you need to look and feel relaxed to be in style!

A Nipa hut at Sapa. Photo from Unsplash.

Pack for all weathers

While Vietnam is considered by many to be a warm and sunny destination, the country is well-known for its incredibly variable weather. It could be humid and filled with sunshine on one day, and strong winds with heavy rain on the next. Pack accordingly, and do not scrimp on the waterproofs. Trust me, you will be in a far better position to see all of Vietnam no matter what the weather. Vietnam is such a vast country with different weather regions; so you might be traveling from bright sunshine to wet and cold weather during your journey.

An amazing view of the famed Halong Bay. Photo from Unsplash.

Don’t miss out on the food

Enjoying Vietnam in style is about far more than just seeing and experiencing things with your eyes. You absolutely should get your tastebuds involved if you’re looking to experience everything this incredible country has to offer. Trying anything from the famous Pho to the delicious Cha Ca on the streets of Hanoi to the versatile and incredible food offered in the remote towns and villages of the region.

We highly recommend Đông Phố at Ho Chih Minh City!

Get out into nature

Many visitors to Vietnam tend to stick to the well known Ho Chih Minh and Hanoi, but there’s a lot to be said about the beautiful sights and sounds outside the cities. If you want to experience Vietnam in style, spend some time at some of the many beautiful islands and natural locations, such as the unique Phu Quoc island, Con Dao or Nha Trang, for the idyllic beaches and romantic sunsets. While there is a direct flight to Phu Quoc from Singapore, traveling to Con Dao and Nha Trang require connecting flights.

The spacious strip of beach with villas lined at the side of Con Dao.

If you enjoy trekking, explore Sapa – the home to Vietnam’s highest peak Fan Si Pan, which also boasts the beautiful terrain of rice paddies. Sapa is also home to different ethnic tribal groups in Vietnam, which would provide a unique cultural experience than the usual cities.

Whatever your preferred choice for your holidays, seeing Vietnam in style might mean stepping out of the box – and you certainly won’t regret it, with so many wonderful things to see and do.

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