Explore Singapore #7: Five Less Discovered Nature Walks in Singapore

Enjoy the picturesque scenery at Marsiling Park

If you have done your usual walking trails too many times and can’t find anywhere else to explore in Singapore, here is a curated list of 5 less discovered nature walks in our garden city.

#1: Changi Point Boardwalk (and Changi Beach Park)

Level: Easy

We may be familiar with Changi Village and remember the area for the ferry terminal to commute to Pulau Ubin. However, just a short stroll away, you could experience serenity and scenic view of the coast on an easy 2.2km Changi Point Boardwalk.

Idyllic view by the Changi Point Boardwalk

During this short distance, you will walk past yachts and the Changi Sailing Club, a cliff walk nestled in the midst of lush forest-like greenery and the kelong-like boardwalk on stilts. The walk will end off at the Sunset Walk where most fishing enthusiasts would gather in the evening. The whole scenery is quite relaxed and breezy, as if you were strolling at a calm coastal village nestled away from the city.

You could continue walking down to Netheravon Road to have coffee or a meal at the cosy and quaint cafe “The Coastal Settlement.

If you wish to extend the length of the walk, you could start off at the beginning of Changi Beach Park (near Changi Beach Carpark 7) and walk the stretch of the Changi Beach, before reaching Changi Village and commencing on the Changi Point Boardwalk. You may witness some kite-boarders in action near the Changi Beach Carpark 6.

Kiteboarder action at Changi Beach Park
Starting Point: Changi Village or near Changi Seafront Chalet

#2: Bukit Brown Cemetery

Level: Moderate

If you are not superstitious and raring for a “Tomb Raider” style adventure, a walk at the Bukit Brown Cemetery could be as close as it gets during this COVID-19 period when travel is not possible.

The Bukit Brown Cemetery was the first Chinese public cemetery here since 1920s but was closed and abandoned in the 1970s. While there are designated trails and areas within the cemetery, there are also some off-trail paths where the tombstones are largely neglected.

In the heart of the cemetery is a neglected patch of lush nature with extremely tall trees where you could take photos like this:

In the midst of an abandoned forest?
Let’s take some #OOTD…

You may also go off-piste by doing a little hike from the end of Jalan Mushnor (Coordinates: 1.3332523285490365, 103.82904167991539), into westerly direction. However, this is where you may encounter some abandoned tombstones. Please tread this path with consideration!

You may stumble upon some tombstones while walking off-track
Starting Point: Kheam Hock Park

#3: Kranji Green Corridor Route passing through the Rainbow Bridge

Rating: Moderately Easy

The Bukit Timah stretch of the Green Corridor might be over-crowded, why not travel up-north and attempt the Green Corridor from Kranji instead?

Can this be considered “forest bathing”?

We found the stretch here less crowded and more rustic at time of writing. The route is littered with lush greenery and dirt paths – rather than the manicured walking paths at the PCNs – and if you are lucky with the weather, you may stumble upon a muddy patch or two along the way.

Underneath an abandoned bridge

The Rainbow Bridge serves as a connection for foreign workers from the nearby Kranji Lodge. The gate to access the bridge closes at 10am in the morning, so do take note of the timing of the walk to reach the bridge in time.

The Rainbow Bridge is a good landmark to have a quick rest during your walk!

From the Rainbow Bridge, you could also walk further towards the picturesque Marsiling Park for a relaxing wind-down for the morning walk.

Starting Point: 5 Stagmont Ring

#4: Lorong Halus PCN to Punggol East

Rating: Easy

A park connector that links Pasir Ris to Punggol, the Lorong Halus PCN is a straightforward yet rustic walkway that starts along Pasir Ris Farmway 3 and weaves past Lorong Halus Wetland Centre. The whole 3-kilometre path is largely unmanicured.

Punggol East Container Park by the evening

You could end off your walk by crossing the bridge to Punggol East where the Punggol East Container Park is located, ideally in the evening. The outdoor experience at the Container Park is reminiscent of the night market in Bangkok. Head over to the Thai restaurant “Kin Khao Mai” for the deceiving “Talad Rot Fai” experience in Singapore.

Starting Point: Entrance of Lorong Halus PCN on Pasir Ris Drive 12

#5: A feel of London at Seletar

Rating: Easy

If you would like a break from the lush green tropical nature, you could consider the next closest option to London here in Singapore – exploring the old and the new Seletar.

Piccadilly Circus in Singapore

Starting off at the old Seletar Camp where the entrance is known as “Piccadilly Circus” – this is where the British Royal Air Force set up station in 1928-1971. Within vicinity of the Air Base are many colonial black and white houses in British names (of course) such as Edgware Road, Brompton Road, Piccadilly and Sussex Garden. These houses used to be housing for the Royal Air Force personnels and they have not been managed by the government and leased out as civilian residences.

A walk around the Maida Vale neighbourhood

At the southern part of the area across Seletar Aerospace Drive is a glimpse of the modern world where the old black and white buildings are now redeveloped as restaurants and dining enclaves – where you can have brunch at The Summerhouse, Wheelers’ Estate and the likes. This is also where “Hyde Park Gate” is in Singapore.

Plane spotting

Do venture further within the new Seletar Aerospace Park where you could do some plane-spotting at the Seletar Airport, and also have a drink at Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe, which is right beside the Seletar Airport facing the aircrafts and the runway.

Starting Point: Piccadilly Circus, Seletar Camp

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