The Night Life of Wellington

Editor’s note: I am not sure whether Wellington is famed for its nightlife. I did not visit Wellington during my recent New Zealand trip and my impression of New Zealand is that the country turns rather inactive by night as most of the shops are closed by 6pm.

However, Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand and if you have this destination in your New Zealand itinerary, do stay up for a glimpse of their night scenes! In case you need a hangover pick-me-up the day after, Wellington is also famous for its coffee – so you’ll be well covered.

This post is a contribution from Tyra Sullivan, edited by The T List.

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Background of Wellington

Wellington is the capital of New Zealand, but it’s not the largest city – that accolade belongs to Auckland. Wellington is on the North Island, named after Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, and surrounded by mountains, lakes and hiking trails, which are perfect for when you want to do something active in the day prior to frequenting the city’s many pubs, bars and clubs.

Five places you can’t afford to miss on your night at Wellington

1. Meow

Before hitting the town, it’s generally a good idea to line your stomach before a night of boozing. With its New Zealand-centric menu, Meow boasts a wide selection of unusual cocktails, and a stage that is regularly frequented by some of the city’s best musical acts. Whilst it appears straightforward to spend an entire evening here, that’s not what you’re looking for, is it? Have some food, drink a couple of cocktails, and then head over to the next place on this list.

2. Hawthorn Lounge

Hawthorn Lounge describes itself as ‘Wellington’s best-kept secret’. This intimate and cosy bar has what is arguably the city’s best cocktail list, and as such it’s managed to attract some of the most talented bartenders in the world. I can recommend the Tory St, which contains vanilla liqueur and garam masala. Unusual, but delicious.

3. The Library

Image credit: The Library

After warming up your taste buds, why not take a trip to The Library? Not only are the drinks delicious and the chairs comfortable – an important advantage for ladies partying in stilettos – but it attracts some of the best live musical artists in the entire country. Open 5pm until late every single night of the week, this is somewhere you can easily spend countless hours, but hang on a moment as there are still other places in the list!

4. Foxglove

You might be starting to get a little bit drunk by this point in the evening, so a trip to Foxglove is definitely in order. This casual two-level bar is located on the harborside and serves small plates of food until late. The atmosphere is always relaxed, the drinks and food of great quality, and the people tend to be incredibly friendly. Refresh, relax, and prepare yourself for the final stop of the evening.

5. Boston on Blair

There are any number of nightclubs you can visit while in Wellington, but our pick will always be Boston on Blair. The music is constantly pumping, the drinks continually flowing, and there are numerous booths that can be booked out to provide a period of calm between dancing sessions. You won’t realise how much time has gone by until the speakers have been switched off and you’re being ushered out of the door.

So there you have it: the nightlife of Wellington awaits, so what are you waiting for?

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