Travel Light: 10 Items for 6 Days

This was one of my all-time favorite posts from, which I wrote 6 years ago. If you are packing for summer vacation, I think this is gonna be so apt!

I am sure all of us would like to look good and have varied outfits in our vacation photos. However, depending on the nature of the trip, it is sometimes difficult to bring a heavy, brimming suitcase on the road. Therefore, the purpose of this entry is to select 10 items and put together 6 presentable and practical travel outfits:

Travel light: 10 items for 6 days
The 10 Essentials
  • Sling bag: Sling bag or messenger bag is easy to carry while traveling and walking. If you are visiting crowded places, you could easily keep an eye on your sling bag to keep it away from the artful pickpockets. I also favour bags with multiple compartments to store my knick-knacks.
  • Bottoms: I would opt for trusty jeans and comfortable shorts when traveling.
  • Jacket: This is a travel essential, as it could be cold on the plane, or useful for cool weathers at night.
  • Tops: I would choose clothes that are comfortable and not too restrictive in terms of movement. Tops selected are light-weight – i.e. dries up easily if you decide to wash it – and could be layered.
  • Statement accessories: I chose a scarf and a statement necklace. These items are light, do not take too much space in the suitcase but they jazz up a plain outfit and make it Instagram-worthy effortlessly.
  • Flats: Comfortable shoes for walking, need I say more?
Travel light: 10 items for 6 days
Outfits for Day 1-3
Travel light: 10 items for 6 days
Outfits for Day 4-6

Haha, that leaves you a lot of space in the suitcase right? And of course, you should factor in the possibility of wearing your new purchases during the trip!

This post was originally published on in July 2010. 

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