5 Tips To Pack Your Travel Beauty Kit

Because I cannot get away from beauty blog posts, which serves as a reminder of my past life as a fashion & beauty blogger. Let’s review some personal tips on packing the beauty pouch for trips.

5 Tip for Packing your Travel Beauty Kit
I wish I am chilling by the pool right now

#1: Pack 2 sets – one for hand-carry and the other in your check-in luggage

Whilst you could have your full suite of beauty must-haves in your check-in luggage, remember to pack some additional essentials in your carry-on bag. You never know if you would experience baggage delay during your trip and at least those essentials in your handbag could tide you through.

For long flights, we may prefer to go on board barefaced. Pack some sample sachets of facial cleanser, moisturiser and sunblock – as well as some basic makeup items like BB cream, brow pencil, concealer and lip balm to look presentable once you arrive at the airport. Remember that if you are carrying these items on flight, keep them in a small pouch or ziploc bag.

5 Tips for Packing Your Travel Beauty Kit
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#2: Make full use of miniatures and samples

Whenever you make a skincare purchase, always ask for miniatures or samples! I am also a supporter of Kiehl’s “Try Before You Buy” philosophy, which encourages you to collect sample sachets from them before making a purchase.

5 Tips for Packing Your Travel Beauty Kit
Kiehl’s encourages you to try before you buy!

I usually pack these sachets in my carry-on handbag, or for one to two-day short trips.

If you are a frequent traveler, don’t forget to collect those miniature shower gel and shampoo products which could usually last for at least a week!

#3: Customise your skincare according to the climate

The moisturiser that works like a holy grail for you in Singapore might not be effective in cold winter climates. Therefore, know your skin well and always pack your beauty products according to the climate.

5 Tips for Packing your Travel Beauty Kit
You need a powerful moisturizer to brave harsh winter.

For warm weathers, pack a lightweight moisturizer and even a facial mist to hydrate yourself throughout the day. If you belong the oilier skin type, you should introduce sebum-free products and pimple cream as such climate (coupled with unhealthy diet and travel fatigue) usually result in acne.

For ski trips, you need to prepare a thicker moisturiser suited for dry skin, or a moisturising cream rather than gel. Remember to include body lotion or cream because your skin is likely to flake due to the dry climate.

#4: Pack some sheet masks to rescue your skin from travel fatigue

It is highly recommended that you apply face mask at least once a week to give your skin a must-needed boost. This routine should continue while you are on vacation too!

Rather than pack jars of mask, opt for sheet masks (or sample sachets) which doesn’t take much of luggage space but provide your skin the nutrients it requires. I love those quiet nights at the hotel room while I was chilling and rejuvenating my face with a sheet mask, looking forward to the exciting trip ahead.

5 Tips to Pack your Travel Beauty Kit
Mask to give your skin a boost! [Image credit]

#5: Streamline your makeup

Assuming you do not have the luxury to pack 101 makeup items, pick the universal neutral shades and go for multi-purpose products. For instance, choose a brown eye shadow palette where the darkest shade could double up for your brow. If the blush is too bulky, select a lip colour that could also pass off as a cream blush. As lipsticks are travel-friendly, I tend to pack more lip colours to create variations in my makeup looks. I also have a preference towards products that treat, moisturize and colour the lips at the same time – such as Fresh Sugar Honey Shine Lip Treatment Gloss!

5 Tips to Pack Your Travel Beauty Kit
Wise words to go by…

What about you? What’s your packing secret and must-have in your beauty kit? Pray tell!

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