The William Rickett’s Sanctuary at Mount Dandenong

If you are in need of some soothing green therapy and a unique Instagram spot, you should visit the William Rickett’s Sanctuary at the Mount Dandenong ranges.

William Rickett's Sanctuary Victoria Australia
One of the 92 sculptures in the William Rickett’s Sanctuary

Formerly the home of a sculptor and an art gallery in the heart of nature, visitors could appreciate various sculptures depicting the aboriginal people in a lush forest setting. The sculptures and the forest seem to be embodied as one that the entire walk felt surreal and a tad haunting at times.

William Rickett's Sanctuary
A walk in the 10-hectare sanctuary
William Rickett's Sanctuary
William Ricketts Sanctuary Victoria Australia
A pretty cool Instagram spot

There are a total of 92 clay sculptures which highlighted the essence of the Aboriginal culture and spirituality. This is a good stop to explore and admire the Dandenongs, especially after a train ride on the Puffy Billy.

There is no entry fee to the William Rickett’s Sanctuary, which is best accessed via driving.

William Rickett’s Sanctuary:
1402 Mount Dandenong Tourist Road
Mount Dandenong VIC 3767

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