#ThrowbackThursday #5: Pharping at the Golden Hour

What a difference a year make!

This year, blogging became almost non-existent in my life. Nonetheless, hopefully I’ve managed to live and explore further beyond the usual grind.

Facebook reminded me that this time last year, I traveled to Kathmandu.

Thinking back, the trip felt as surreal as a dream and it was unforgettable because of the life lessons I had learnt. I can still remember that sense of relief and calm when I first stepped foot in Chandra Ban. After all, I have spent a few days in the thick of “samsara” at Kathmandu – the chaos, the dust and the crowd.

And this picture was taken in the midst of a hike at Pharping with new friends. All of us linked by the interest to meditate and be mindful, and we were rewarded with a magical view of the Buddhist monastery at the golden hour.

In fact, this was my phone wallpaper for almost a year. It was a good reminder of the peace and serenity I had at that point of time.

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