Three Hipster Streets to Explore in Taipei

If you have been to Taipei and done all the touristy stuff available, what’s next in the city? Perhaps, hang out in the hipster neighbourhoods, chill at a café for brunch or coffee with the company of a good book!

Three Hipster streets in Taipei
In a cafe at Di Hua Street

Here are three areas that you could consider when in Taipei for a start:

#1: Di Hua Street (迪化街)

Di Hua Street was historically an important marketplace for Chinese medicinal herbs and tonics, as well as fabric. Many of these shops are still there today. However, in the midst of these traditional herbal shops in the preserved historical buildings, more and more art studios and lifestyle stores have sprouted, exuding an undisputed charm to the area.

Three Hipster Streets to Explore in Taipei
Di Hua Street
Three Hipster Streets to Explore in Taipei
Origami masks at the DianHua Gallery on Di Hua Street!

Getting there:

  • Beimen Station, Exit 3. Walk north across Civic Blvd. along Tacheng St.
  • Daqiaotou Station, Exit 1. Cross Minquan West Rd. and west four blocks to the north end of Dihua St.

#2: Yong Kang Street (永康街)

Image credit: Guidetotaipei

Home to the original Din Tai Fung restaurant, Yong Kang Street is a well-visited area by tourists to explore the lanes and alleys for both cafes and local street food alike.

Besides the food, there were also a number of independent boutiques and homeware stores. We even came across a German bakery there!

Three Hipster Streets to Explore in Taipei
Stumbled upon a fair-trade fashion store on Yong Kang Street

Located very near the Dong Men metro station, this is a good place to while some time for a walk and a meal if you do not have anything planned in Taipei. Given its centralised location, it is a good resting point before you proceed to other attractions such as Chiang Kai Chek Memorial Hall and Shi Da Night Market.

Getting there:

  • Dong Men Station, exit 4 or 5.

#3: Fu Jin Street (富錦街)

Image credit: City543

I visited Fu Jin Street on a weekday morning and concluded that this was a sleepy, quiet residential neighbourhood dotted with hipster shops and cafes.

Located away from the busy city centre, the area exuded a distinctive laid-back and creative atmosphere. The best time to visit Fu Jin Street would be some time in the afternoon, as the retail stores there open at around 11am or 12pm.

If you are used to the concentrated and busy shopping district like Xi Men Ding, Fu Jin Street is a stark contrast where the hipster establishments are sparsely located, allowing you to slow down your pace and enjoy the quiet surroundings. A stroll along the area is reminiscent of a walk at Tanjong Pagar or Tiong Bahru in Singapore!

Three Hipster Streets to Explore in Taipei
This is the entrance of a store selling country-style homeware!
Three Hipster Streets to Explore in Taipei
Posing in front of Perfit before it is opened!

Getting there:

  • 5-10 minutes’ walk from Songshan Airport Station


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